3 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Connect With Customers

Most consumers today are within arm’s length to a smartphone. Whether it’s to check messages, follow social media, or use helpful apps for work, consumers pay attention to what’s on their screens.

As 21st century consumers are more empowered than ever, businesses face high competition to earn trust and loyalty. Not only is providing an excellent product or service a priority, but so is connecting with customers and understanding their needs. For most, merely having a Facebook page is not enough.

Although apps are great for showing customers you’re keeping up with technology, apps can and should be used as a communication tool. Here are our top three suggestions for using an app to connect with your audience.

1. Reward loyalty

Rewarding customers for consistent patronage has been a tool used for decades. Offering a free product or discount after so many purchases is a proven method for maintaining customer loyalty. But yesterday’s punch card won’t do the trick.

If you haven’t already implemented a rewards program for your customers, a mobile app is the best way to start.

You can take it a step further like Starbucks has and integrate a reward program into a payment feature. Not only will your customers use your app more, but the ease of payments by smartphone will make transactions that much easier.

2. Provide support

No matter the industry, business success depends on customer service. If customers need help, they should be able to find it quickly and easily.

Using your app as a customer service tool is a great way to improve user communication and satisfaction. Simply including a FAQ section or direct link to your customer service phone number will allow users to solve issues with the tap of a screen. Take it a step further by including a live chat feature and solve problems more efficiently.

Allowing customers to provide feedback and ask questions not only adds value to their experience, but gives you valuable information on how to improve.

3. Send notifications

A downloaded app is only good if the user remembers it’s there. Do you really want to stay on top of users’ attention? Think about sending push notifications for important updates that you know will be seen.

Push notifications are great for sending time-sensitive and urgent information that users should know and take action. Reminding a user to pay a bill or update account information are just two examples of how push notifications can add value.

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much. Receiving unnecessary blanket notifications can be annoying and lead a user to uninstall the app. We suggest allowing users to customize the push notifications they receive.

Connecting with customers is vital to maintaining business. But consumers’ use of mobile apps is increasing every day. Stay on top of their minds and smartphone screens by using your mobile app as a tool to communicate with them.

By reminding your customers who you are, providing them support, and showing you value their business, you’ll have customer loyalty and trust.