3 Ways Your iPhone App Developer Can Help You Make Money

No doubt, you had a great reason to start your mobile app development project, and it was probably at least somewhat financially motivated. Maybe you wanted to provide your customers with better service, an easier way to order, or you just wanted to keep your company at the forefront of their minds with some solid gamification or fun. Those are all good reasons to kick off a project, and your Boston iOS development team will be worth their weight in gold once your piece starts getting downloads. Most people don’t know it, but there are ways to get more out of your app than basic functionality. You can use it for marketing and generate some serious revenue. The best part is, your target audience will actually be glad to see these features, so consider adding some of them in.

  1. Engage Your Consumers with Discounts

Believe it or not, the almighty coupon is still alive and well- it’s just gone digital. Scientists have actually studied how people respond to receiving mobile coupons and the love affair is still going strong. That’s because 38% of participants got a surge of oxytocin (the love hormone) when they received their coupon. Researchers noted decreased heart and respiration rates among study participants, which means they were less stressed as well. Many of them reported feeling happier, just because they received a discount. Other research has shown that coupons can be a determining factor in whether a consumer chooses you or your competitor, and people tend to spend more when they are getting a discount. Customers can vote for a discount on a weekly basis, which leads to better engagement, or simply view a static mobile discount.

  1. Integrate a Loyalty Program to Boost Revenue

A loyalty program is a little thing that can have a big impact. Repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers on a transaction, and a well-implemented program can it increase your overall revenue by 20% or more. You can reward based on dollars spent, visits to your business, or give incentives for referrals and social media shares- the choice is yours. If you’re feeling particularly savvy, toss in a few bonus points or punches on their digital card at the start. Studies have shown that this actually encourages people to come back more often, because they feel like they’re closer to reaching their goal.

  1. Include Payments and Ordering for Ease of Use

Your Boston iOS development project should include a payment or ordering option, simply because people expect it. Even if you operate a facility or provide a service, rather than a run retail establishment or restaurant, it can still be beneficial. These days, everyone is on the go, and if your app saves them the trouble of making a phone call or finding a stamp, you’ll generate more sales and will collect money that’s already due much easier.

There are a million ways your app can help you generate sales or boost revenue in ways that don’t feel like marketing for your customers. Have a chat with a Boston iPhone app developer and see what solutions he commonly integrates for businesses like yours. You may be surprised to find out how effortlessly some features can be integrated.