5 Ingenious Works to Inspire Your Boston App Development Project

An epic app can generate awareness for your business, increase sales, make it easier to do business, and a million other things. If you’ve decided to hire a Boston app development firm to create your next little piece of branded magic, but aren’t sure what you want to include, draw inspiration from these five that are making huge waves among the tech-savvy today.
1. The Nike+ Training Club

Category: Health and Fitness
Features: Workout routines, exercise programs, social integration, and fitness tracking.
Why it’s Awesome: The people at Nike outdid themselves with this branded beauty. Nike+ Training is free to use, simple to understand, and is a valuable tool for any fitness-seeker. People download it because it’s useful, but Nike benefits because it builds loyalty and familiarity with their company. The designers also included a “Shop the Look” feature, which allows people to buy the workout clothes that the model is wearing, in a way that doesn’t feel like an ad.

2. SitOrSquat; Restroom Finder by Charmin

Category: Travel
Features: Clean restroom locator and restroom reviews.
Why it’s Awesome: At a glance, Charmin’s SitorSquat is unexpected and hilarious. However, like Nike’s production, it’s useful and provides a social aspect. Regardless of whether a person uses it for its intended purpose, or simply amuses himself reading the reviews, they’re still bonding with Charmin, which helps boost their sales.

3. HomePlus/ TESCOGroceries

Category: Lifestyle
Features: Mobile grocery shopping and home delivery service.
Why it’s Awesome: Anyone can create an online store for people to shop in, though some experiences are certainly better than others. However, TESCO took their online store a step further, and created real-life grocery stores in Korean subways. Instead of stocking food, images were displayed on kiosks and walls, each with a corresponding QR code. Busy businessmen could pop open the app and scan their groceries, then queue them up for delivery. It became a unique balance of real-word shopping and virtual ease.

4. Coca-Cola Shake It Up

Category: Puzzle
Features: Game with opportunity to win real prizes.
Why it’s Awesome: Gamification sells. Anytime you can turn a concept into something fun with rewards, whether real or virtual, people will play it. With Shake it Up, people could download the app, then shake their device for an opportunity to win things from Coke and their partners, like McDonald’s.

5. Dominoes Pizza

Category: Food and Drink
Features: Ordering with option to save information.
Why it’s Awesome: Recently, Dominoes made headlines and won awards when they added “Dom” to their mobile app. In a very Suri-like way, Dom takes voice orders, and even tells jokes.
Although many companies have the same goals and similar products, these companies have managed to find new ways to reach out to their customers or have created unique ways of presenting common information. As you set out on your next Boston app development project, keep an open mind. A little ingenuity can add up to a lot of downloads.