Appworks has one mission: deliver attractive, intuitive, functionally correct, and reliable systems—on-time and on-budget.
Since our founding in 2007, Appworks has always been on the leading edge of custom software development. We are experts in crafting high-performance custom software for mobile and web applications. Our diverse portfolio of clients and complex systems is a testament to our broad capabilities and depth of expertise. Our mastery of the leading development technologies helps our clients move efficiently from concept to build-out and onward to a confident, timely project completion.

overviewAt our offices in Boston and Boca Raton, we staff our teams with a diverse mix of the best in the industry: software architects, developers, requirements analysts, graphic artists, and project managers. We continue to build upon our solid foundation: cultivating the best talent and enhancing our capabilities while we sink our roots deep into state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. You can see the quality results in our work. Our specialty is creating end-to-end software solutions. We’ve built teams of experts with deep experience in connecting layers of technology and verifying the integrity of complex software systems. We can build custom solutions, build extensions to your legacy systems, or supply our staff to augment your in-house development efforts. Our architects and developers follow state-of-the-art design processes to build robust, flexible solutions—scalable and extensible applications that will accommodate future enhancements and meet your unfolding business opportunities. We bring the depth and range of our experience to help you achieve your goals as rapidly as possible—regardless of the scope or complexity of your project. Get to know us: we have the best talent, deep experience, and total dedication.



We have had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients over the years. Our Portfolio testament the diversity of the business verticals we serve. Appworks has provided custom software development for government entities, hospitals, pharmaceutical producers, manufacturing companies and a wide range of innovative technology startups. We practice what we preach, having successfully launched a number of our own startup initiatives. Our own entrepreneurial ventures have uniquely positioned us to be more than just a development team. We also act as a partner and trusted advisor to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of their technology initiatives from both a business and a development perspective.

The Appworks Advantage

  • Code Inventory Advantage
  • Appworks has been around. We’ve been developing highly functional web and mobile technology since 2007. We have launched a number of successful startups utilizing our own money and resources. These initiatives have enabled us to create a massive amount of “Code Inventory”. When developing projects for clients, we utilize our existing code base to help speed up delivery and cut down costs. We do not charge clients any licensing fee for this code and we grant them a worldwide perpetual license to sell or distribute software which uses our code base.

  • Mission Statement
  • Our mission is to deliver attractive, intuitive, functionally correct, and reliable systems—on-time and on-budget.

  • Continuous Delivery
  • In the fast-paced world of software and technology, there is little room for error or delay. As consumers are provided with attractive devices with innovative new features and applications, the pressure is on the providers of these systems to stay ahead of the curve by providing fast, reliable equipment that is free of errors (or at the very least, can be updated and fixed in a timely manner). Consumers demand no less. With a fully integrated team, the implementation of continuous delivery can give software companies the advantage they need to get a leg up on the competition. Appworks employs continuous delivery methodology to help you keep pace in today’s demanding technology marketplace.

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