We understand that many custom software companies are competing for your business, but we also know that writing good code is only part of the solution. Our experience has shown us that productive, efficient software projects don’t begin with lines of code. We know that good projects start with a solid grasp of client objectives, and good projects continue with dedication to accurate requirements and timely delivery—throughout the entire effort. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We view each client as a partner, and we work together to achieve your goals.
  • We use our talents and draw upon our experience to build a solution to your business problems.
  • We strive to achieve a thorough understanding of your business processes.
  • We ensure that clients receive clear and frequent communication on scheduling, pricing, and deliverables.
  • We take ownership of the work to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery for each and every milestone in the project.


Across our Appworks development group, you’ll find skills that cover many different technologies and industry specializations—including web, mobile, Android, Python development. We employ a variety of designers, developers, analysts, and project managers—all of whom are masters of their craft. As our client, your project is run by managers who lead a large, tightly-knit group of experts. We have a large assembly of over 20 highly skilled professionals—and every one is a specialist in at least one technology niche. All of them are ready to make your project a smashing success.
We invite you to visit us in Boca Raton and meet with all of our staff in person. If you would like the opportunity to work directly with our team in a collaborative environment, Appworks is ready to accommodate your team at our offices. Our facilities are built for open collaboration and paired development, so that your staff can work directly with our developers and designers


FOUNDERChris Cabell is a career technology architect having more than 15 years of software development experience. Chris is a strategic thinker who is adept at understanding business objectives and bringing  thought leadership to the planning, governance, and management activities to Appworks. In 2007, he began Appworks as an auxiliary startup to develop mobile applications for his own ventures. After several successful product launches, Chris was able to fund more growth and transform Appworks into a thriving, full-service custom software development company

In addition to his role as CEO of Appworks, Chris also serves as the co-founder and CTO of Appworx (www.myappworx.com), which is a medical software company specializing in mobile solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers. Physicians around the world use Appworx daily to catalog images, market services, manage patient data, collaborate with other physicians, and communicate with patients directly through their smartphones. The South Florida Technology Association has recognized Appworx as one of  Florida’s top mobile startups.
Chris is also a frequent speaker at health and technology events across the United States