3 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Connect With Customers

Most consumers today are within arm’s length to a smartphone. Whether it’s to check messages, follow social media, or use helpful apps for work, consumers pay attention to what’s on their screens.

As 21st century consumers are more empowered than ever, businesses face high competition to earn trust and loyalty. Not only is providing an excellent product or service a priority, but so is connecting with customers and understanding their needs. For most, merely having a Facebook page is not enough.

Although apps are great for showing customers you’re keeping up with technology, apps can and should be used as a communication tool. Here are our top three suggestions for using an app to connect with your audience.Read More

Would You Tap That? 4 Tips For Designing Your App’s Icon

app icon


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge an app by its icon.

When it comes to marketing your new app, designing the icon is above all else. From when a user finds it on the App Store, the fanciest code and hottest features will fail to be seen if the icon is lackluster.

Designing a logo may seem simple, but an app is only as good as its branding. Here are a few helpful tips for making sure your icon stands out.Read More

iOS or Android: Which should you build first?

IOS or Android


After making the decision to develop an app comes deciding whether to start with iOS or Android. Which is best at first?

iOS or Android: Which should you build first?

You’ve already decided your business needs a mobile app. The next step is figuring out which platform to start with.

Even though successful apps are available on both operating systems, it’s best to choose one to develop first. Not only is there a lower up-front cost, but smoothing out the app’s features is easier if you’re focusing on one platform.

There is no definitive answer for which platform is best to start with first. Here are some good reasons to choose either.Read More

Does Your Business Really Need An App? Answer These 3 Questions


Most businesses want to keep up with customers by using technology to their advantage. Would developing a mobile app help your business achieve its goals? Answer these three questions to find out.

Does Your Business Really Need An App? Answer These 3 Questions

Staying competitive for businesses in most industries means being part of the digital revolution. In 2017, that often means developing an app to keep customers’ attention.

According to Flurry Analytics, the average American spends 90 percent of their mobile usage on apps, versus 10 percent on browsers. (1) Even if your website can be accessed by a browser, your customers are spending far much more time using apps than searching the web.Read More