What Can Mobile Apps Do for You?

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The mobile phone as we know it was introduced in 1973. At the time, the device weighed over four pounds, was nearly the size of a tissue box, and in some cases, needed to be attached to a battery pack carried in a briefcase. Forty years later, mobile technology has evolved to the point where a device held in the palm of your hand can replace your briefcase entirely, and has the capacity to carry far more data. With over 1 billion smartphones in use across the globe with that kind of potential, it behooves any business with the desire to retain their customers as well as connecting with new ones to board the fast-paced train of mobile app development. According to a 2013 study, 1.2 billion mobile phone owners reported using apps as of 2012, with that number projected to soar to 4.4 billion by 2017. With those sort of statistics, the question is not whether your business can afford to invest in a mobile application for its consumers; the question is, how can you afford not to?Read More

The Adoption of Mobile Technologies

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AppwoRx is a company that realizes opportunities for developing new mHealth apps, content, products, and services are emerging daily. We believe mHealth will play a ubiquitous role in transforming the U.S. and global health systems, expanding access to decision support that permit consumers to engage effectively with their systems of care.
The evolution of mobile technology in the past twenty years has revolutionized every aspect of industries across the board in the way they conduct business and communicate with their customers, and healthcare is no exception. The rapid growth and advancements in the technical field have compelled investors to reevaluate their current methods of commerce to determine how they can employ these advancements to better service their clients in the digital age.
Industry professionals have acknowledged the significant role that the field of healthcare plays in the mobile market. In a 2012 survey of senior executives in the US mobile sector, 78% of respondents said that the healthcare/life sciences market had the greatest potential for benefiting from emerging technologies and subsequently generating revenue. Further, data from this study indicated that the healthcare/life sciences market was the industry most likely to see high rates of growth in its business model over the next five years.Read More

South Florida Technology Groups

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South Florida has always managed to rank high in the entrepreneurial scenario, while being a home to many technologically advanced companies accommodating all from startups to established IT firms. The companies here have grown considerably in recent few years and this place is now a hub to many world-renowned IT firms. Below is a list of some of South Florida’s Technology Groups.

1. South Florida Windows 8 Developers

This group is for designers and software developers who dream about creating apps which can be outstanding. The group majorly works around some or the other aspect of Windows 8 programming and carries out open discussions while socializing to help these IT pros interact and come up with ideas and technologies that are new yet useful. Creating high-quality apps for Windows 8 can be challenging and the group tries using new technologies and innovative designs while helping everyone learn and create something ravishing along the way. The group employs pros who enjoy good company and have amazing ideas, which still need to be materialized. They focus on helping developers and designers explore maximum from this new coding opportunity in South Florida.

2. South Florida PHP Users Group

Often abbreviated as SoFloPHP, the group entirely focuses on uniting and helping the PHP community in South Florida grow and expand. The group has a mission of providing an opportunity-veiling platform for pros in PHP where they can grow and learn together. This group tries to increase usage of this useful programming language in this area and around. The developers in PHP here can strengthen their weak areas with mentoring and training from ace professionals and veterans in the field. The working culture here is easy and can help developers nurture their PHP skills well to be used for the welfare of self and society.Read More

Mastering UX (User Experience Design)

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User Experience DesignThe idea of user-centered design was first introduced in cognitive engineer Don Norman’s 1988 book The Design of Everyday Things, which revolutionized the way the world looked at product design. Prior to the implementation of user- centered design in programming, websites and related services were designed based on the opinions of the designers as well as the anticipated, rather than the actual, wants and needs of clients.

With nearly 2 billion Internet users worldwide, web developers and app designers find themselves tasked with providing services that satisfy clients’ needs, rather than furthering the company’s own agenda or preserving the bottom line. While client needs and desires vary greatly and are unique to each organization or individual user, there are basic principles that can be applied to any development project in order to optimize the user experience.Read More