Why Offshore Development is Often Not Successful

Off Shore Development issuesOver the past few years, more and more people are choosing to outsource tasks, but there have been just as many discussions related to why this option somehow does not work. For instance, the book titled Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell, shows how and why outsourcing does not work at all times.

The book elucidates on a number of airlines disasters that have taken place in the past few years. A study was conducted by Geert Hofstede, in which he calculated the Power Distance Index or PDI. PDI is a measure by which a person in a particular country reacts to a figure of authority. For instance, if a country has a high PDI, the people in that country will respond better to an authoritative figure and question their decisions lesser.Read More

Continuous Delivery: What it is and how it can work for you

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WebMobile Developmen South FloridaThere’s an oft-quoted saying that if you’re on time, you’re already late. This is perhaps  most true in the industry of software development, where emerging technology requires business owners to stay ahead of the game if they have any hope of being competitive in a rapidly evolving market. One of the best methods developers can use to employ this strategy is by practicing continuous delivery, a process by which software programmers can easily update and deploy enhancements, bug fixes, and new versions of their product quickly and effectively.

What is continuous delivery?

If you’re like most smartphone users, you’re probably used to seeing a symbol denoting an update notification in your phone’s menu bar. You may have even opted to allow your mobile apps to automatically update whenever new versions of software are available. This allows app developers to automatically deliver enhancements and fixes for any errors that have been reported. The transition is seamless to the consumer, but is the result of a sophisticated pipeline of programming and testing that has been laid in place. Using this tactic, developers are able to release software with a limited set of features earlier to consumers while others are still in production.  Earlier release dates can then in turn mean the difference between a user choosing to download one app developer’s software to their competitor’s.Read More

Five Criteria for Finding a Good Software Development Company

Boca Raton Software DevelopmentWhen your organization expands in size and scope at some point you’re going to need custom-built software. While there are plenty of software companies offering commercially prepared software, every organization has unique requirements and in order to deal with those demands the development of customized software is inevitable.  But it’s easier said than done. Oftentimes the software development firm which you choose for your company can end up being the biggest barrier if you do not choose carefully.  In this article we will look into several things that you should take into account when selecting the ideal software development company.Read More

6 Ways Mobile Device Will Change Business Operations In 2014

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Mobile App Development


In the year 2011, Microsoft Tag predicted mobile phone Internet usage could meet or exceed desktop computer Internet use by 2014. As the year 2013 winds down, it’s very clear smartphone Internet usage is having an all-time high, with close to 63% of all mobile phone owners acknowledging they use those devices to surf the internet. The total number of individuals who say they predominantly use cellular phones for internet connection is roughly 21%.

Though desktops will probably continue being the primary method of internet use for the majority of consumers in 2014, there is absolutely no denying mobile is a major player. For business owners, this simply means some substantial changes as more staff members than ever shift from being confined to a desktop computer or laptop to connecting to data files from any place. This besides allows workers to connect to documents and presentations from anywhere, but it additionally exposes new concerns for the organizations interested in protecting data files.Read More