What Can Mobile Apps Do for You?

User Experience Design

The mobile phone as we know it was introduced in 1973. At the time, the device weighed over four pounds, was nearly the size of a tissue box, and in some cases, needed to be attached to a battery pack carried in a briefcase. Forty years later, mobile technology has evolved to the point where a device held in the palm of your hand can replace your briefcase entirely, and has the capacity to carry far more data. With over 1 billion smartphones in use across the globe with that kind of potential, it behooves any business with the desire to retain their customers as well as connecting with new ones to board the fast-paced train of mobile app development. According to a 2013 study, 1.2 billion mobile phone owners reported using apps as of 2012, with that number projected to soar to 4.4 billion by 2017. With those sort of statistics, the question is not whether your business can afford to invest in a mobile application for its consumers; the question is, how can you afford not to?
With an app on the market for just about any purpose you can imagine, from managing your finances to refilling your prescriptions to figuring out the best time to make use of the restroom during a movie screening, there’s no end to the advantages the proper mobile app can give your company. Here are just some of the possibilities:

The Customer Connection.

First and foremost, every business’ primary objective is to interact more efficiently with their customers. There are few things the public at large values more than knowing that they’re being heard, which is why social media is so wildly popular. Creating an app for your business brings you one step closer to your consumer base, giving them a forum for feedback, reviews, complaints, and questions. This in turn allows your team to provide better, faster responses, leading to better customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will not only keep coming back, but will undoubtedly recommend your services to others.

A Fatter Wallet

Who can argue with a bigger bottom line? A customized mobile application can become your new customer service representative, marketing associate, and publicity hound all in one. The initial investment in your new app will be recouped, and then some, in the form of savings on the workforce and consultants you didn’t need to hire. Further, you’ll be able to track communications with customers, advertising metrics, and overall reach, in order to make the best decisions regarding your business.

An Office That Goes Where You Do.

With travel costs on the rise in the form of both gasoline and airfare, telecommuting is a very effective way of cutting business expenses. As of 2013, one in five workers works from home or other locations away from the office at least part time. The proper app can not only connect you with your customers, but with your employees in the field and associate corporations as well.

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