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3 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning App Development

Application use is up 65% over where it stood two years ago, according to Nilsen, the insights and ratings company. The climb has been steady and shows no signs of slowing down. Going by that alone, it seems there’s never been a better time to start a app development project. The problem is, people aren’t expanding the number of applications that they actively use. Even so, a fantastic time to get in on the ground floor as mobile use booms, and you can still win a piece of your customer’s time, but you have to strategize from the very beginning how you plan to go about achieving that goal. Knowing the answers to these three questions before you start will go a long way to ensuring your end-product is a hit with consumers.Read More

How to Choose Your Boston Mobile App Development Company

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How to Choose Your Boston Mobile App Development Company

There are more mobile devices on this planet than there are people. No kidding. As of last year, we surpassed that mark by about 600 million, and just shy of 2 million more smartphones are sold every day. Moreover, the average American spends a whopping 3.3 hours on his or her phone daily, and more than 2 hours of that time is amassed while using apps. All of this adds up to 189 million applications downloaded every single day. We know people live on their mobile devices, so it’s nearly a given that you’ll need an application in order to keep pace with today’s consumer. The problem is, firms that are willing to help are almost a dime a dozen- each one offering bells and whistles or discount rates in order to get you to sign up. It’s tough to know who’s selling snake oil and who’s legit if you don’t have a friend in the industry. Worry no more. We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the best Boston mobile app development company, so that you can feel confident as you explore your options.Read More

3 Ways Your iPhone App Developer Can Help You Make Money

No doubt, you had a great reason to start your mobile app development project, and it was probably at least somewhat financially motivated. Maybe you wanted to provide your customers with better service, an easier way to order, or you just wanted to keep your company at the forefront of their minds with some solid gamification or fun. Those are all good reasons to kick off a project, and your Boston iOS development team will be worth their weight in gold once your piece starts getting downloads. Most people don’t know it, but there are ways to get more out of your app than basic functionality. You can use it for marketing and generate some serious revenue. The best part is, your target audience will actually be glad to see these features, so consider adding some of them in.Read More

5 Ingenious Works to Inspire Your Boston App Development Project

An epic app can generate awareness for your business, increase sales, make it easier to do business, and a million other things. If you’ve decided to hire a Boston app development firm to create your next little piece of branded magic, but aren’t sure what you want to include, draw inspiration from these five that are making huge waves among the tech-savvy today.Read More

What to do When an Offshore Software Development Project Falls Apart



I’ve been developing software for almost 15 years and have been exposed to every level of offshore development debacle.  My company receives at least a dozen calls every month from individuals who thought they could save big by sending their work offshore, only to find that the off shore resources they hired are unable to deliver their product.

There are a million reasons why offshore development does not work out for most people.  I’ve written a number of articles about the pitfalls of off-shoring, but in this article I want to go over steps you should take if your software development project has fallen apart.Read More

The Adoption of Mobile Technology in Healthcare


AppwoRx is a company that realizes opportunities for developing new mHealth apps, content, products, and services are emerging daily. We believe mHealth will play a ubiquitous role in transforming the U.S. and global health systems, expanding access to decision support that permit consumers to engage effectively with their systems of care.

The evolution of mobile technology in the past twenty years has revolutionized every aspect of industries across the board in the way they conduct business and communicate with their customers, and healthcare is no exception. The rapid growth and advancements in the technical field have compelled investors to reevaluate their current methods of commerce to determine how they can employ these advancements to better service their clients in the digital age.Read More

Why the Native App is Still King of the Hill

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With the vast majority of consumers increasingly on the go, there aren’t many companies on the market who haven’t created a mobile app featuring their products, or at the very least a version of their website that’s easier to view on mobile devices. There are a number of options when selecting a platform for mobile offerings, but the two most common today are native apps, which are built to work on a specific operating system (OS), and HTML web apps, which are designed to work across a number of systems and browsers.

The obvious pitfall to native apps is that they’re more costly and time-consuming to produce, since separate applications need to be built to work with each OS. So why not build exclusively in HTML? Well, for much the same reason that pickup trucks and SUVs routinely outsell mid-size sedans in the US. With so many options open to them, consumers prefer to use a product that is catered specifically to their needs, rather than one that is meant as a one-size-fits-all solution.Read More