Computer Vision & Machine Learning

One of the most exciting applications of machine learning in recent years is computer vision — allowing a software program to “see,” derive insights, and make decisions based on that information. You may already use a simple example of it today when you unlock your phone using facial recognition. Research firm Tracitca predicts the computer vision market to grow from $1.1 billion in 2016 to over $26.2 billion by 2025. While advances have been made in both the processing power and models needed to accomplish this, the barrier to entry for many companies is still high since it requires knowledge in a range of disciplines and spans both hardware and software expertise.

Appworks offers deep expertise in both computer vision and machine learning as well as a track record of working with clients to deliver successful outcomes in a variety of industries.

Instead of building this capability in house, Appworks can become a trusted partner to help you take advantage of these exciting technologies with applications that deliver powerful benefits to your business.

deliver successful outcomes

Computer Vision offers immediate benefits

While computers were able to read text early on, the processing and understanding of images and videos has only recently become possible with a high level of accuracy. The rich data extracted from images and videos has a variety of applications, including computer-human interactions based on facial recognition, automatic generation of rich metadata describing graphical content, medical imaging for improved diagnosis, and more efficient robotics in manufacturing processes – to name a few.

Appworks has extensive experience working with the major computer vision services, including Google Vision API, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure, allowing us to offer the latest capabilities and developments as part of your overall custom software solution.

Machine learning beyond the experimental phase

Computer vision is one of the best examples of tangible benefits from data science and machine learning. With the rise of the “Internet of Things,” more and more data is being produced by companies at all levels of the organization but it’s often buried, messy or hidden in inaccessible legacy systems. Appworks has worked with clients to create AI models that re-purpose this valuable data to drive tangible benefits, moving beyond the experimental stage most companies are still in.

Deriving value from your data can be a daunting prospect, and Appworks can help every step of the way, providing expertise where needed. As a first step, data cleansing and optimization can involve heavy lifting with complex hardware and software integrations involving monolithic enterprise systems, some of which may be legacy systems. Appworks has navigated these environments with clients, and the experience offered by the expert engineers in our Machine Learning practice is invaluable in navigating these difficult paths.

Beyond freeing your data, computer models and algorithms use your valuable data to provide predictive analysis with a range of business outcomes to streamline your operations. Our engineers are skilled in working with the major AI cloud services, including Azure Machine Learning, IBM Watson Machine Learning, and Google Cloud Machine Learning.

Appworx: Mobile Health Solutions


Appworx: Mobile Health Solutions

Appworks developed a mobile health solution called AppwoRX, an essential tool for aesthetic medical practices including dermatology, plastic surgery, dentistry, and other fields. Most medical practices struggle with the process of accurately capturing, cataloging and managing patient photos used for diagnosis and treatment. Using the benefits of computer vision, RxPhoto vastly streamlines the process.

Using the old method, capturing and cataloging clinical photos was a cumbersome process, involving multiple steps and handoffs between patients and providers, as well as systems and equipment, taking on average 12 minutes per patient – a huge percentage of the time doctors normally spend on a patient visit.

Appworx: Mobile Health Solutions
AppwoRx streamlines clinical

AppwoRx streamlines clinical photography capture and management by providing HIPAA compliant mobile applications which integrate directly to the EMR and the AppwoRX Cloud, allowing photos to be captured and cataloged in an average of 4 minutes per encounter. The time saved translates directly to improved productivity, bottom line cost savings and increased patient satisfaction.

The high-quality data captured and tracked in RxPhoto provides even more benefit when used for patient education, marketing, and engagement. The solution provides multiple opportunities to educate the patient at the point of care and beyond. For instance, customized reports can be given to patients during the course of their office visit. Our HIPAA compliant patient gateway allows clinicians to send images and custom content to the patient. The patient can then access this content from the privacy of their own home via a HIPAA compliant Patient Portal.

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