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ABC News – Mobile Health Technology

Title ABC News – Mobile Health Technology

Realease Date May, 2014


Project Description:

AVENTURA, Fla. - Need to ask a doctor a question and receives an answer right away? There's an app for that. Dr. Ariel Soffer, who treats patients with unsightly, and often painful, varicose veins, developed the Soffer Health Application to streamline his record keeping and make consultation more efficient. Dr. Soffer has a busy practice but was trying to find a better way to reach more patients before and after surgery. "Where I wanted to see what was going with my patients in a legal way, in a privacy protected way, a beautiful and convenient way, and that's what the app does. It shows me what's going with this patient," said Dr. Soffer. Dr. Soffer created the free application for iPhones and Androids smartphones. It serves as a virtual consultation for patients who have questions before or after treatment. Robin Gale has undergone several different treatments for her varicose veins. She said the app has saved her time. "I had a little pain and discomfort in one area, so I took a photo and sent it and he sent me back a message saying it was all normal," she said. Jennifer Rosenblum had a similar experience. She showed up to the doctor's office after using the app the night before. "Normally, it takes doctors quite some time to call you back," said Rosenblum. "In this case, they were able to see it immediately and take care of the problem." Dr. Soffer believes the app is a great way to stay connected with his patients and record their progress even when he is thousands of miles away. Gale agrees. "Very quick and easy. Much easier than making an appointment and coming in," she said. Currently, the app is only being used for vein health, but Dr. Soffer said future uses may be in the fields of dermatology and infectious diseases.