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Diversified Automotive

Title Diversified Automotive

Realease Date October, 2016


Project Description:

Diversified Automotive operates a modern, well-maintained fleet of over 200 car-carriers throughout the Northeast region of the United States. Diversified Auto services major automotive manufacturers including BMW, Honda, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, etc. Diversified has been recognized with numerous awards by many customers for both outstanding on-time performance and vehicle handling. Diversified Auto partnered with Appworks to modernize their vehicle management system and improve efficiency while also creating a scalable platform capable of supporting future growth and expansion. Appworks worked on-site with the Diversified team to create requirement documentation, wireframes and functional prototypes. Appworks then assembled a team to create an enterprise platform built on .NET framework. Appworks handled all aspects of planning, design, development, integration and deployment. The project required that the new technologies integrate with a variety of existing technologies and hardware. Our team was able to seamlessly integrate with the existing technologies and create a modern technology foundation for Fleet Management, Dispatching, Storage Tracking, Billing & Invoicing and Administration.