Five Criteria for Finding a Good Software Development Company

Boca Raton Software DevelopmentWhen your organization expands in size and scope at some point you’re going to need custom-built software. While there are plenty of software companies offering commercially prepared software, every organization has unique requirements and in order to deal with those demands the development of customized software is inevitable.  But it’s easier said than done. Oftentimes the software development firm which you choose for your company can end up being the biggest barrier if you do not choose carefully.  In this article we will look into several things that you should take into account when selecting the ideal software development company.

Here are a few points you need to bear in mind when searching for the right software development company for your business enterprise:


The technological expertise of the software company

Software development is centered on technology. The successful completion of your software development task would depend on exactly what kind of technologies are utilized to build your software program; so look closely at what type of development technology the provider feels safe with.  Needless to say for this purpose you should have some knowledge of the functionalities of various technologies.  For example, the Microsoft Windows environment is plagued by security concerns while the UNIX environment will need a steep learning curve. Figure out what you will need as well as what you don’t need.

Company Portfolio

Even though in the industry of software development more than the experience it will be the knowledge and the drive that determines the competency of a company, it will help you decide when you can look at a couple of their recent projects and get a solid idea of what kind of programs they’ve handled.  Generally when software development firms have worked on numerous projects they establish a sound strategy to make sure effective completion of the assignments. A new company that doesn’t have much practical experience still would need to build its methodologies and therefore might not be aware of the various kinds of problems and bugs that emerge during software development life-cycle.


Delivery time

Obviously it is extremely crucial that your software program is delivered on-time so your employees find ample time to test it and report any glitches.  Even right after the testing and debugging phase is over many of your team members will require intensive training and orientation so as to make better utilization of the program. All of these factors make it essential that your software program is developed inside the time-frame decided during the initial agreements.  Delays moreover bring about unnecessary costs.


The truth is software could be developed by anyone; what’s the quality of the application is precisely what is extremely important.  The program code shouldn’t be buggy; it should not be resource hungry; the documentation should be sufficient; simple and easy feature up-dates should be possible; plus the code must be as lean as possible.

After-development help and support

The software development firm shouldn’t wash its hands over the project the moment its engineers have set up the application at your work premises.  You will need a great deal of assistance later with regards to setting up the software, becoming familiar with ways to use it, mastering various other options and customization capabilities, the maintenance and back-up processes, and countless other support-related problems that may surface down the line.

Discuss each one of these things with the software development firm that you’re going to hire and have every little thing written and duly signed.