Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires
developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day.

One of the most exciting parts of software development is the ability to integrate directly with various types of hardware, from mobile devices to industrial machinery, medical instruments and even wearable technologies. Deep hardware integrations allow you to not only enjoy exciting new uses and solutions, but also to take full advantage of the hardware devices you’ve already invested in — often extending them far beyond what the manufacturer ever envisioned.

Custom hardware integrations also have a critical advantage over “out of the box” capabilities provided by a manufacturer or packaged third party software solution. Instead of trying to figure the features of a system that wasn’t designed with your specific needs in mind, a custom hardware integration lets you exploit the exact capabilities available to you in precisely the way you need. Even more, a custom solution can easily evolve over time as your needs grow and change.

One of the most exciting parts of software development

To do it right requires extensive experience and knowledge not only of the software end, but also of the capabilities and interfaces offered by the hardware itself.

Appworks has worked on a number of complex, custom hardware integrations from mobile platforms to firmware, sensors and medical equipment. Our combination of software expertise and experience with various types of hardware integrations ensures the solution we deliver not only meets your requirements, but can grow and change in the future without losing your initial investment.

requires extensive experience and knowledge
Firmware Integrations

Firmware Integrations

Custom firmware integrations allow you to literally write or re-write the instructions for how a piece of equipment performs at the lowest level including controlling functions, monitoring, and data manipulation. For new startups offering a new piece of hardware, firmware is an essential part of the package to ensure effortless setup and operation. Even firmware on older devices can now be updated to unlock new features. A medical device, for example, can talk to a smartphone that may not have even existed when the device was manufactured. Or vice versa, with a firmware update, legacy software can be taught to communicate with newer, more sophisticated equipment and sensors.

Embedded firmware integrations require specialized expertise, beyond software or application development. Our Appworks firmware integrators have experience with the full range of technologies that can be part of a firmware integration including Linux kernel development, machine interfaces including SCSI, PCI, PCMCIA, flash memories, HDMI, ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and 802.11x. Middleware support includes experience with various web servers and services, as well as supporting libraries and frameworks including Adobe Flash and HTML5.

Mobile Integrations

Mobile hardware integrations are probably one of the most exciting areas in hardware integrations, largely because of the fast pace of change and the high rate of adoption world-wide. Smartphones are now an indispensable tool for a large part of the world’s population, not only as a way of doing business but as a way of life.

As mobile devices become more powerful and incorporate new modes of interaction, the possibilities for integration with software become even more exciting. The camera on a smartphone, for example, has become progressively smaller and higher resolution, leading to a number of potential integrations that were never before possible.

Our RxPhoto solution

Our RxPhoto solution, for example, combines a powerful mobile application with a cloud based HIPAA compliant photography management tool.

The result is the medical industry’s first inexpensive, full-featured clinical photography suite. With RxPhoto, there is no need to purchase expensive and bulky photography equipment. Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad device is your camera and can be used from anywhere. High quality images can be generated outside of a medical office, and added to your medical record for remote treatment and diagnosis, and integration with EHR/EMR systems. For aesthetic practices, photos can be used as part of a before and after gallery to better manage patient expectations.

Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology has largely focused on health and fitness in the form of fitness trackers, Apple Watch, and other wearables, which not only track calories and steps taken but heart rate and even sleep patterns. Wearable technologies in the last few years have extended into deeper integrations with Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, particularly with the introduction of Apple HealthKit.

Projected to be a $51.6 billion market by 2022, wearables are clearly only to get more pervasive and with more sophisticated capabilities. Software-driven solutions, for example, that rely on integrations with common medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters can start to make sense of the large volumes of health data, ultimately making it easier for your doctor to offer treatment.

Read more about the FLIR ONE case study here

Appworks has experience with Android Wear, iOS including HealthKit, and Linux. Our solutions take full advantage of feature sets within the wearable space, including GPS, camera, NFC, RFID, and thermal, pressure, acoustic, temperature and humidity sensors to offer the fullest range of functionality available.

Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” allows companies to not only get deeper insight into the performance of their machinery, but apply machine learning algorithms to predict when maintenance or replacement of parts is required. For this to happen, machines and instruments, whether they are new and state of the art or several years or even decades old, require sensors to monitor anything from temperature, to pressure, force, and sound. Receiving data from these sensors requires hardware integrations with specialized cloud-based software.

Most companies don’t have the required skill sets in-house for these types of integrations, including knowledge of mechanical interfaces, APIs, high-volume data management, and business intelligence. Appworks offers the expertise, based on years working in large enterprise environments, when you need it – without needing to maintain a full-time staff of your own.

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Our local, US-based developers are ready to take your software project from concept to implementation. Our team is more than hired contractors -- we strive to become an integral part of your team. Before we write a single line of code, we take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges, and take full advantage of any existing resources you may have.

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We take the time to understand your needs, and then assemble a team specific to your unique requirements, whether its a few resources or an entire project delivery team. We help our clients make informed decisions and always keep their businesses’ best interests in mind. We strive to become long-term partners with our clients.

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