iOS or Android: Which should you build first?


After making the decision to develop an app comes deciding whether to start with iOS or Android. Which is best at first?

iOS or Android: Which should you build first?

You’ve already decided your business needs a mobile app. The next step is figuring out which platform to start with.

Even though successful apps are available on both operating systems, it’s best to choose one to develop first. Not only is there a lower up-front cost, but smoothing out the app’s features is easier if you’re focusing on one platform.

There is no definitive answer for which platform is best to start with first. Here are some good reasons to choose either.


IOS or Android

1. Start with iOS

Choosing iOS first tends to be the most popular decision when developing apps. Even though development tends to be more expensive for iOS than Android, it takes less time to build and can lead to higher revenue.

In terms of demographics, Apple products are typically used by people with higher incomes and with higher education levels. Pay-per-download iOS apps also earn more than their ad-based counterparts.

2. Start with Android

If most of your customers are on Android, it’s a no-brainer to start with with this platform. Demographically, Android is more popular among younger, low-income users and in developing countries. But many tech-savvy individuals also choose this operating system.

Because Android is open source, it can give you more control over customization. Even though iOS takes less time to build, an Android app can be released in less time due to required beta testing on iOS.

Ultimately you will want your app to work for everyone. But in the beginning, paying attention to demographics, costs, and features should drive your decision.

In rare cases it makes sense to develop both from the start. But for small businesses whose app supplements the customer experience, building with one platform will be more time- and cost-effective.

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