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Title iTelemarket

Realease Date August, 2015

Project Description:

iTelemarket Solutions provides a void to the gap in modern day sales communication. Technology has brought us only so far in the world of organized relationship marketing communications, and begs for a guide on how to be the most efficient and productive one can be at all times without the roadblocks of navigating through CRM’s. You’ve tried all kind of CRM’s that seem like the only person who’d be able to navigate through them is the IT Developer who built them. The pointing and selecting, scroll downs and subcategories on your PC seem almost counterproductive because it messes up your workflow and takes forever! The seconds in between making new points of contacts turn into minutes and those minutes leave a wide open invitation to distraction. iTelemarket offers a seamless and the most efficient approach to becoming super productive and organized. iTelemarket may not be an all end solution to replace CRM’s, but rather a compliment to the platform currently in place.