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Kiteboard Coach

Title Kiteboard Coach

Realease Date September, 2013


Project Description:

Grow your Kiteboarding skills in the palm of your hands with our thorough Instructional video library! KiteboardCoach® is a "Patent Pending" revolutionary way of shortening the long Learning curve that is often associated with Kiteboarding. We use the latest technology in videography to create instructional videos that are clear, precise, fun to watch and feature the latest gear and equipment. We currently have over 40 instructional videos and we are adding additional videos weekly. Our in App Private Coaching, allows users to submit videos of themselves attempting their goals to our instructors. Whether you are leaning to make a more successful ride, staying up wind or learning that big trick; our instructors will edit your submitted video using voice overlays, slow motion and visual aids to help you understand what your doing wrong and what your doing right. This app offers the optional purchase an in-app subscription that allows users to access the complete Instructional Library. This library is constantly updated with new instructional videos to help you take your kiting to the next level. Additionally, Paid subscribers will receive a major discount on in app private coaching.