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mTreatment Diary

Title mTreatment Diary

Realease Date January, 2014

Project Description:

The mTreatment Diary was developed for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer to track post-treatment progress of individuals who had been treated for varicose vein issues. At login, the system takes basic demography details and creates a unique password protected file for each individual. Once set up the questionnaire is completed in the evening on 4 to7 consecutive days. There is an alarm to remind the individuals to complete the questionnaire. The treatment facility sets up a reminder to complete the questionnaire at a specific date in the future. The questionnaire in its present form is 20 questions, there are 9 items, each asked one of 2 ways and 2 additional questions. Response options for the first 9 are 0-5 and repeated 0-10. All questions must be completed before submission or storage.