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Guest Perspective

Title Guest Perspective

Realease Date May, 2011


Project Description:

Guest Perspective is the premier customized mobile analytics and marketing company for the hospitality industry. The mobile application and website was built using the Zing platform. Guest perspective provides hospitality businesses with the ability to have their guest take customized surveys directly through the Guest Perspective app. The administrative back end allows business owners to analyze survey results by date range, server, survey categories, etc. The reporting tools allows the user to export a variety of data and charts to help analyze and improve guest experience. Patrons download our free IPhone or Android Application to complete the evaluations. Guests are rewarded for their feedback with a “thank you promotion” provided by the business they review, and can be used on their next visit. Overall reviews are posted on the website for other visitors to view helping them make dining and entertainment decisions. Business owners are provided with their own private page that enables them the ability to analyze all of the data collected from their surveys.