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Title Piceoh

Realease Date June, 2011

Project Description:

We all have those moments that we want to share with others. We either take a picture or video to share these memories. The picture doesn’t fully capture the emotions, laughs, and sounds of that specific time. The other option is to take a video which ends up being too long and drawn out because there is no pre-set ending. A picture just isn't enough sometimes... and a video is sometimes too much. What if you could combine the best features of both? Piceoh is a combination of a picture and a video, with more detail than a simple picture and less length than a normal video. With a pre-set ending every time, Piceoh is a new and innovative way to share memories with everyone! By identifying an unidentified need, Piceoh creates a new market where the user is no longer stuck between choosing a picture and a video. By taking the undetermined length of a video out of the equation, Piceoh successfully creates an environment where users can share events in a set period of time. This in turn generates constant interest from viewers, knowing that a Piceoh always has the same length. Users of Piceoh are finally able to use an innovative service that provides a combined option of a picture and video, all while being shared through Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail.