The quality of your software products is an important factor to ensure effective
business operations, unchallenged reputation and customer satisfaction to name a few.

Whether you’re a startup without your own Quality Assurance team, or an enterprise looking to ensure your app is usable across all the latest platforms and devices, QA services can make sure you “get it right the first time.” Appworks approaches QA with emphasis on quality over quantity. All of our testers are hand-picked and reflect the highest standards for both excellence and experience in the industry. Our QA experts support a range of testing processes, all steeped in the Agile methodology, to ensure your software not only works, but performs exceptionally well in any scenario and stands apart from the competition.

Get it right the first time

Originally treated as an after-thought, software quality assurance is now an integral part of any software development lifecycle, and covers many different scenarios. Products can now be simultaneously launched on multiple platforms, supporting different devices, and the challenge is greater now than ever to ensure functionality across the board.

Get it right the first time

You only have one chance with a new customer to make an impression, and word spreads quickly through social media sites whether a product delivers what you promised. QA can spell the difference between a great product concept marred with bugs and a smooth, successful launch that attracts an all-important audience of early adopters and influencers. As your product offering expands, our regression testing service is a critical part of the process to ensure that any new enhancements and features work as intended, while not breaking existing functionality.

Testing while you sleep – with automation

We believe quality assurance is part of everyone’s responsibility on the team, including developers performing unit testing as part of a Devops process. A formal QA process, however, prior to release is a critical opportunity for another set of eyes to take a look at an application from different angles, perhaps ones not anticipated during development.

Automation plays a key role in this process. Our QA team is well-versed in automated testing platforms, including Selenium. Test scripts written by our QA experts can be be executed instantly, re-used and simultaneously run across different browsers and operating systems whenever a new release is offered, saving time and cost. Testers are thus freed up to focus on edge cases and more difficult-to-find bugs, breakdowns in the exchanges of data and services used as part of a larger platform, and other potential bottlenecks and performance considerations.

Put your best foot forward with our full complement of services

Our QA staff can perform a variety of different types of testing depending on the needs, often concurrently as part of a holistic testing process. Examples of the types of testing services include:

Functionality testing

Functionality testing: does your product perform as expected?

With today’s modern web landscape, a lot can go wrong. Anything from data validation, display of dynamic content and images, and different types of user inputs are all areas to look at to ensure a release runs smoothly.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing: does your product work anywhere?

Potential customers are using a variety of different browsers and operating systems. QA ensures your product works smoothly across the most common combinations. Choosing where to draw the line is often a question of cost vs. reach — we can help you decide what combinations to support for maximum value.

Accessibility testing

Accessibility testing: can anyone use your product?

Often overlooked, this type of testing can ensure that anyone can view and use your product, regardless of disability. Your customers will appreciate the effort you put in to ensure they can use the product like anyone else.

Localization testing

Localization testing: does your product work around the world?

Products that support multiple languages can introduce significant new challenges to make sure everyone is getting the same experience. Correct translations, displays of wording (with varying lengths), time and currency displays, and even cultural considerations can all be addressed with proper localization testing.

Performance testing

Performance testing: can your product stand up to its demand?

A product can be a victim of its own success and fail with too much traffic. Our QA team can test a variety of different scenarios, including simulated loads and stress factors to uncover weak spots in the code or application architecture. Proper performance testing can also measure and determine the right amount of infrastructure to invest in, avoiding the common mistake of over-estimating the amount of scalability required.

Usability testing

Usability testing: is your product a delight to use?

Even applications that successfully address all technical requirements can still fail if they are difficult to use. Our QA staff can apply their experience and training to uncover opportunities to re-engineer interactions and even make simple tweaks to vastly improve the overall customer experience.

These are just a few examples of the QA services we provide.

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