South Florida Technology Groups

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South Florida has always managed to rank high in the entrepreneurial scenario, while being a home to many technologically advanced companies accommodating all from startups to established IT firms. The companies here have grown considerably in recent few years and this place is now a hub to many world-renowned IT firms. Below is a list of some of South Florida’s Technology Groups.

1. South Florida Windows 8 Developers

This group is for designers and software developers who dream about creating apps which can be outstanding. The group majorly works around some or the other aspect of Windows 8 programming and carries out open discussions while socializing to help these IT pros interact and come up with ideas and technologies that are new yet useful. Creating high-quality apps for Windows 8 can be challenging and the group tries using new technologies and innovative designs while helping everyone learn and create something ravishing along the way. The group employs pros who enjoy good company and have amazing ideas, which still need to be materialized. They focus on helping developers and designers explore maximum from this new coding opportunity in South Florida.

2. South Florida PHP Users Group

Often abbreviated as SoFloPHP, the group entirely focuses on uniting and helping the PHP community in South Florida grow and expand. The group has a mission of providing an opportunity-veiling platform for pros in PHP where they can grow and learn together. This group tries to increase usage of this useful programming language in this area and around. The developers in PHP here can strengthen their weak areas with mentoring and training from ace professionals and veterans in the field. The working culture here is easy and can help developers nurture their PHP skills well to be used for the welfare of self and society.

3. Florida Technology Enthusiasts

This group of technology enthusiasts in South Florida can help the world get open to the face of latest news and upcoming technology events taking place across South Florida and around. Joining the group can help you connect with technology upfront and tech events which are very recent and still not talked about openly

4. Refresh MIAMI

A renowned Technology and Entrepreneurial Community in South Florida, Refresh Miami, helps in fostering the technical and entrepreneurial communities working and contributing in the technological growth of South Florida. The group largely focuses on educating and making the entrprenuarial and technological communities in SF aware about the most recent and upcoming content, to help all learn, grow and remain at par with developers of other like places.

5. West Palm Beach Chapter of Web Monday

The West Palm Beach Chapter of Web Monday, is a different group than ones mentioned above, in it being informal. The group members meet once every month to discuss everything new in Web Technology covering fields like Networks, Development, Standards, New Web Technologies, Marketing, Databases, Graphic Designing, Webmasters, Corporate Web, Promotion, Contract Development and Business. The group has its gates open for every person who wishes to remain on the forefront of web technology, while getting aware of what’s new and interesting.

6. South Florida Technology Alliance

Most commonly addressed as SFTA, South Florida Technology Alliance, works to improvise and support growth, success and awareness of the technology communities in the SF region. The group is involved in organizing events, programs, networking and educational proceedings every now and then which can be attended by the technology-related companies in SF, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, related organizations, governments and more. This is an active forum which can help in the growth of the business of technology in this place and around.

7. Rail Girls South Florida

A one-of-a-kind programming workshop in South Florida, it exclusively focuses on developing the technology and programming skills in the female population of this area.

8. vBeers

vBeers is a group in SF created to serve as an opportune platform for professionals and enthusiasts from the virtualization scenario. The group focuses on everything in the world of tech and the group tried resolving a big issue which was the delay in meeting with the fellow vGeeks and new talents in the industry. The group organizes conferences and other events, where like virtualization pros can meet to create something new and helpful for the entire community.

Above is a list of some renowned tech groups in South Florida area, helping and contributing immensely in the development of technology sector and the tech community in this part of the globe.