User experience and user interface design is much more than choosing the right color and fonts. A keen focus on user interaction with application controls and the supporting technology is often the key to the success of almost any digital product. We work hard to understand the user’s context and usage scenarios, and then we write and organize a collection of use cases or user stories. By focusing on the end user and drawing upon our experience in requirements gathering, our Appworks teams transform complex business processes into specifications that form the basis for visually appealing, efficient, and intuitive user interfaces. Our design approach consists of four major phases: Requirements Discovery, Conceptual Design, Logical & Physical Design, and Design Delivery.

Appworks has a team of usability experts including business analysts, consultants, information architects, and visual designers. Each one is adept at capturing a 360-degree view of your project. We’ve got the right tools and methods for ensuring clear layout, intuitive usage, transparent navigation, and precise, responsive interaction.

Requirement Descovery
Appworks delivers intuitive UI design by working hard to capture use cases and business scenarios, analyze each of the target user groups, and identify of critical success factors.
Conceptual Design
At this stage, we build data models, entity relationship schemes, and workflow diagrams to eliminate possible vision gaps and serve as guidelines for further project stages.
Logical & Physical Design
Next, we build the initial prototypes that support the conceptual design. We know that visual design is critical for maximizing interface learning, memorability and consistency. Our graphic design team works in close collaboration with analysts and usability testers to provide impressive results. We also work with you to specify the hardware and software technologies—which often determine the capabilities of the UI in the final product.
Design Delivery
Design is an ongoing and iterative process. We realize that user feedback is an imperative part of delivering the perfect user experience. After we have delivered a fully implemented user interface design, we work with you to create communication and feedback channels with the end user so that we can continue to refine the user experience after the initial launch.