Make your software work for you! Appworks makes your software fit how you run your business operations. We specialize in developing a wide range of web programming services for both client side and server side applications. Our custom web development applications have been used in professional software applications for a multitude of industries like: Online Banking, eCommerce & Shopping Cart Applications, Online Trading, and Medical Software.

We use the latest programming languages to provide a seamless integration into your existing website or web app.

Our highly skilled team provides technical expertise to easily guide you to develop custom projects that will enhance productivity, gain market share, reduce their operating costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Our established methodology for development works perfectly and easily whether you simply need to collect and display data or create systems with complex business logic.

Client Side Development

This is what anybody normally sees when they look at a webpage and typically runs on the client (viewers) computer/ browser. Some examples of this would be making web pages interactive, dynamically changing content on a web page or registering the software. These are typically written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Server Side Development

Is the actual displaying of pages or processing user input from a client-side form. We could use the example of a membership site, the user creates a profile (client side) and presses enter. The information is sent Server Side to create a new entry in the database and tells the page, client side to let the person in. Some server-side languages are PHP, Python, .NET, C, and C++.

Languages We Speak

Major Frameworks

php micro netjavapython

Supporting Frameworks


Specialized Framework


Database Technologies


Web Server Technologies

apachelinuxwindow server



Scalability and System Integrations are what every company is looking for today. This simply means that your programs and systems will be able to grow as your company grows. Back in the old days, growing was costly and painful to your IT staff. You had to buy new servers, new software and upgrade everything. Today, things have changed considerably. With cloud applications for just about everything imaginable, you can grow to the next level without all the pain and expense.


Growth does take some strategy and as your technology partner, we are eager to develop an integration strategy that meets your key business objectives and prepares you for future growth. An optimal growth strategy lays a foundation for integrating the new systems and technology that is simple and logical.

You need an overall solution that addresses each stage including any key areas. It must also include contingencies for any problems that could crop up. Our team has that higher level of technical expertise, along with forward-thinking system architectural skills, keeping in mind that you’ll most likely want or need to grow again in the future. We believe that it’s prudent to prepare for it now.

We’ll build an infrastructure that can easily be integrated with existing systems or with future systems. In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars and enable you to make the necessary changes when the time comes to grow again.

When you need Custom Web Apps & Enterprise Software, think Appworks!