Unveiling Gaming Excellence: 7 Must-Try Apple Arcade Games

Oceanhorn 2

Explore a visually stunning world, solve puzzles, and engage in epic battles as you unravel a captivating narrative.


Strategic puzzle-solving takes center stage. Plan your moves, slay enemies, and forge a path of victory in this engaging game.

Sneaky Sasquatch

Navigate the human world, solve quests, and outwit campers in this charming and whimsical game.

Mini Motorways

A minimalist game where you design efficient road networks to keep cities flowing smoothly.


A classic-style JRPG filled with captivating storylines, strategic battles, and breathtaking environments.

Alto's Odyssey

Soar through stunning landscapes, perform tricks, and discover secrets in this mesmerizing game.


Explore a surreal world in Creaks. Immerse yourself in a unique platformer where your wit and curiosity are your greatest assets.

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